Monday, May 22, 2017

What Could Possibly Go Wrong...

...With a wild West Attitude, and mega huge sums of money involved, not to mention feuding national interests as well?

Perhaps the better question is whether anything really good will come from it at all; at least as far as the rest of us, and the planet, are concerned. And don't start with the whole "jobs" carrot they'll probably trot out. Between the depths involved, and the move towards robots in manufacturing anyway, just how many good paying jobs, at work that won't be hazardous to your health, do you really think this will generate at all?

As things are, in the end it will likely be a lot of damage done, through a lot of strife, so that a few will make huge profits. Oh happy day.


In the coming years, a new gold rush will begin. Deep beneath the ocean’s waves, from scalding hydrothermal vents to the frigid stretches of the abyssal plain, ocean processes have deposited vast quantities of valuable minerals on the seafloor.