Monday, May 1, 2017

This Is The Kind Of Threat...

...That far outshines terrorist infiltration as an immediate priority we should be putting resources to. Which do you think we will ignore the most, and which do you think we will be spending the most money on?

Even though deaths on our highways topped 40K in the last report.

Recognizing this as a priority, of course, would be to necessarily recognize the primary dependency we have now, as a nation, on addiction; both as a primary source of diversion, as well as a primary source of immense profit. One might understand, then, why the powers that be have a reluctance to make the proper priority choice here. If we don't demand the proper choice soon there won't be much room left for any choices at all.


Of those tested, 43% of motorists who died had drugs in their system, the report said. This number surpassed the 37% of motorists who died who tested positive for alcohol in the same year.