Wednesday, May 24, 2017

GerryMandering Is Why We Have A House Of Representatives...

...That's not really very representative at all. Why as well there can be a GOP majority that is made up of the most self serving, hypocritical, money suck ups our history has ever encountered. How can it be otherwise when even the GOP in the Senate has already started to show their disgust for what the current "administration" (feel free to wonder if there is any "there" there) has clearly been demonstrating in outright, damaging incompetence; while at the same time demonstrating very significant probability for outright criminality, and treason. Leaving us only with the question of just how disgustingly blatant does the incompetence have to before the House majority fulfills its constitutional responsibility to remove that administration from office.

In the meantime, however, you can demand that your state representatives, as well as your delegation in Washington, do something about the way that redistricting has been allowed to be manipulated so profoundly for the interests of "Big Money." Use this initial development to produce some momentum for real change here. It is obvious that we simply cannot let it continue.

SCOTUS Rejects Gerrymandered Districts, Cites Racial Bias -- All In -- MSNBC