Saturday, May 27, 2017

Like I Have Said Before, We Truly Are At A Pivot Point

Either we pivot to a new direction, or we destroy ourselves, and much of the planet with us. And in my view the main key to that is whether we continue with the economics of scarcity or not.

Nothing could be more plain or obvious. Capitalism enshrines scarcity for the majority, and the most heinous acts of greed for the few. It is the hot house environment that exacerbates manipulation of all of our base instincts, and money is its first drug of choice. It is not only obsolete for purely technological reasons, it is making all of us ever more insane. And it will not stop unless the rest of us make it do so.

Think long and hard on this, but do it quickly. The clock is ticking.


If humanity can get its act together, the future could be unprecedentedly good; but if tribalism, ignorance, and myopic thinking continue to dominate, the last generation may already have been born.