Saturday, May 27, 2017

Have We Lost Our Drive, Or Have We Lost Our Ability To Do Crazy?

Because it is crazy to think we can continue to compete viably, skill wise, against machines.

It's also crazy to think we can continue to have livelihoods dependant on mass production for mass consumption; even when one or another item might actually be poisonous to us, and the planet; putting people in the position of either ending up on the streets, or doing what they always did.

It's crazy to think we can retrain, and retool, ever faster, like programmable machine tools, even if we could figure out a way to keep continuously paying for that retraining.

It's crazy to think that Democracy can survive when information itself is a precious commodity; therefore putting the idea of an informed electorate at the whims of those who hoard information for their own profitable ends.

And that's just a part of the crazy that Capitalism brings to the table.

I think it would surprise Mr. Cowen to see just how much drive we still have if we had something we could believe in that was worth putting drive into again. And that is the real problem.

Economist Tyler Cowen says Americans have lost their drive