Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Constant Bio-Active Evolution...

...In an environment awash in the commoditized usage of medicinal bio weapons.

We call the weapons antibiotics but nature doesn't care what we call them. To nature it is just something to be adjusted to so that survival will continue. And nature, unfortunately, has had a lot more practice in the game of measure, counter measure than we do. And unfortunately for us, because there is so much money revolving around so many things that, if the right bug kills whatever other commodity you might want to focus on, you can bet the the latest counter measure will be used far more widely, and indiscriminately, than is in our best advantage overall; at least as it concerns preserving a particular weapon's continued efficacy; or even a range of weapons.

That is not to suggest that this process of evolved obsolescence would stop if money, and the protection of profits, aside from the direct protection of people, were to be taken out of the picture. It is, however, to clearly suggest that money, and the fear of lost profits, accelerates this process to egregious levels. Which then means that a lot of compensatory money must be spent to make up for that over useage by creating new weapons at a faster pace, Which then leaves us in the same situation, only having it cycling faster, with more money needing to be spent at each iteration. And that, of course, doesn't even begin to question the other problem of who actually has to foot this ever increasing bill.

In my opinion, if we were in charge of production and distribution, and money or profits, were no longer involved, the usage of these critically important weapons in our defense against harmful, infectious organisms, would at least have a much better chance of being employed on a far more strategically rational basis. This would have to be so because we would be intimately involved in the effort to keep pace with nature in her defense of these smaller life forms; hopefully seeing the benefit first hand in changing our behaviors, at least as much as simply resorting to trying to hose nature down with some killing chemical willy nilly. Because I can assure you, that's not going to work very well in the long run.

Just another reason why all of the apocalypse preparation in the world won't save you if nature decides to shrug us off. Shrug us off because we just refused to listen to her. And we would be listening to her if we truly understood that "everything is interconnected."

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