Sunday, May 14, 2017

Obviously This Guy Drank The Kool Aid And Pledged His Loyalty

The question now becomes how anyone who would work for this de facto ex president keeps from being tarnished by the automatic impression that you would have had to do the same thing to get the job in the first place. Or why anybody would want to risk it knowing they'd be on the hook for that loyalty oath at some point in any case.

Let's be clear on one other thing. Just because there was reason to fire the former FBI director doesn't mean that is why he was fired now. If the intent was to do so for that justifiable cause it would have been done at the start of the new administration, not over 100 days in. The fact of the matter is that they couldn't have cared less, in any sense of FBI competency, about what he did to Clinton. And in fact, an argument could be made that that screw up might have made Comey even more attractive to them precisely because they thought they might be able to take advantage of it in some way.

Let's be clear on something else. A very important question is not being asked very much, if at all here. Does this de facto ex president actually believe that the "Russian Hoak," as he's been trying to define it, is all made up? Just to get back at him for beating the very people who look down on him?

Bear in mind here that, if you go down that road, it also leads to suggest that any actual criminal actions that he may have done wouldn't be seen as at all criminal in his mind. It was just what he needed to do to get the deal done. And that is, after all, the only good we know for sure that he adheres to; most especially of course when it is his deal, confirming automatically his sense of limitless privilege, and authority.

So you see, we are left with the distinct possibility of either an outright, lying crook, or someone deeply disconnected from important aspects of reality but, unfortunately, still mostly functional on a moment to moment level of social interaction. And, to take this further, any reasonable person can see now that this is a very dangerously real possibility. The kind of possibility that an innocent, sane person would also recognize and want to do nothing but whatever it took to to dispel that notion. But that is not what this de facto ex president does. Which should be pretty convincing evidence that this is not someone who should remain any longer in that office.

That is common sense. I don't care if you voted for him or not. I don't care if you are Democrat or Republican. Common sense should dictate that this is indeed our de facto ex president, and has been for over 100 days now.

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