Sunday, May 7, 2017

Get Used To Massive New Economic Disrruptions

Because technology is changing so fast now, because the competition based on technological change forces the participants to find the next such "disruptor" before the next guy does, continuously winding the spiraling process to new cyclical speeds.

You and your economic fortunes will be subject to ever greater amounts of uncertainty. That's cause for understandable worry, fear, and indecision on your part. For markets, of course, that's cause for a lot more instability than we've already seen so far.

And even though, on the one hand, some new efficiencies might be wrung out of our often quite inefficient economy, your ability to ensure economic survival will become just as problematic as the overall stability of markets will become. And then you will be faced with not only trying to figure out what it is you might want to retrain for, not to mention how the hell you are going to pay for it, but dealing with the new tension that, no matter what you might pick, the instability alone will be likely to kick the bottom out of economic activity overall; purchasing will fall catastrophically, again, and you will be out of a job, with more debt, still viable skill or not. There will then be another partial recovery. Everyone will be rinsed out (or washed away) and the process will be repeated.

Something will have to give way in this cycling eventually of course. Psychological breakdowns manifested in numerous ways. Cultural and environmental breakdowns of various sorts. Or the powerful will decide that competition, at least as we have traditionally known it, has had its day. Whereupon they will simply take control of markets, eliminate disruption so that it hurts only the markets they don't control until there is a stabilizing hierarchy of market control. At which point any notion of competitive pricing will become an anachronism. You will simply pay what they feel will give them the profit they feel they deserve. Not to mention the product they feel you deserve. Sometimes that might be adequate to your needs, but most of the time it will likely not be so. That is the nature of cutting corners in all aspects of production; especially as it concerns what you are "obligated" to give the consumer.

There was a reason, you know, for the cliche of the evil, existing big company, buying up the "good" new technology just to sit on it. Your incentive to put the good new technology into use might be a bit dampened by the fact that the old tech you own, and for which you have a very sizeable, current investment in, might suddenly become a non competitive, black hole for profits. So the very idea that the good new technology might be used at all becomes quite moot.

This is what we have to look forward to now that electrified experience retrieval has mutated what used to be known as Capitalism. Which also brings up another point. Somewhere along the way here they're going to have to realize that a new name will be needed. It really isn't about markets any more, or a notion of capital as some form of solid, inherently valuable mortar that can bind, and hold together the institutions of old. Now it is only about the control of information. How it flows. Where it flows to, and who benefits the most. And in that, you better believe, will decide the very nature of our collective "reality."

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