Saturday, February 17, 2018

Yes, We Are In Dangerous Competitions With Other Foreign Powers

And these are not limited to just the race for the better big stick, or medium stick, or whatever else you might think of.

We compete dangerously for markets. We compete dangerously for resources. And we compete now very dangerously for influence in each other's countries, using new media manipulations like never before. And it all must stop.

To do that, though, is going to take turning the tide of a lot of built up suspicion, animosity, and hatred. And we do not make that effort any better by continuously beating a war drum that the other guy is directly poised to take advantage of supposed real, or imaginary, deficiencies of the moment; especially when we can't tell exactly if the people doing the clamoring now are doing it out of real concern, or because they have other axes to grind; like feeding a monstrous weapons production business that makes a lot of money, all over the map, when all nations keep eyeing the other guy with fear.

The real bottom line here is that the planet simply will not allow us to conduct more wars. Seeing as we have seemingly declared war on it as well, trying to kill off as many of its very delicate, and inter related, natural systems. So many in fact that in twenty years or less the temperature here will tip over a point we may never be able to recover from.

If we are to survive as a species we have to begin negotiating away from all of these dangerous competitions. All of them. And in this the United States must take the lead. And it must do that by first taking away the obsolete economic system that plays into all of the other competitions so fundamentally.

If we could do that we would be in a position to start pulling back from these destructive, and wasteful distractions that are keeping us from working together to fix all the things that just might give us a chance to pull back from the brink; but we have to begin do this now. There just isn't any more time left to be dicking around with all of the old fears as we have always done in the past. There just isn't any other choice if we want to preserve billions of years of evolution.

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