Friday, February 2, 2018

Are Republicans For America, The Constitution, And The Rule of Law

Or are they for the ambitions of two very corrupted men: Putin and his trophy money bitch Trump.

It is a very simple question that none of the blizzard of lies that Trump, or his toadies, continue to spew forth with, will disguise. Mark this moment because history certainly will.

There is no FISA warrant issue here. Carter Page was already under suspicion for messing around with Russian spies. Before the Trump campaign started. The false Nunes claim involves a request for an extension to that existing warrant. This is all a cooked up piece of BS to provide a very worried president some cover with which to cast doubt on honest professionals working in our Justice Department, and nothing else.

The only question now is whether the Republican members of the House, and Senate, will stay true to their oaths of office, or not.

Some Republicans uneasy with Trump releasing the Russia memo

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[Post Note: They know no shame, nor what giving your word should mean; especially when applied to an oath of office. Choosing instead to show allegiance to a criminal occupant of a once valued office. A con man whose only documented forte is the guaranteed propensity to lie. And whose documented ties to Putin compromised Deutsche Bank's operations (for money laundering), make it clear he has been bought and paid for (despite him even stiffing them for tens of millions in building loans, gave him access to more capital; not to mention the further millions laundered through cash purchases -- no questions asked -- of his condos). 
House Intelligence Committee releases Russia memo over FBI objections

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