Saturday, February 17, 2018

There Is A Way To Produce Hydrogen Effort Effectively

The first step, though, is to stop thinking in terms of it being profitable or not. Or that markets need to be involved at all.

With the Yen Tornado Turbine, built with the right design, and put out to sea to take advantage of the better wind available there, and to eliminate the "not in my backyard" problem of building them in already populated areas, we can produce as much liquid hydrogen as the world is going to need for quite a while to come; assuming, though, that we don't let the ice at the poles melt for now and ever more.

If we let that happen we lose the planets ultimate heat sinks. The place where cold is stored permanently so as to provide a constant, quite necessary, condition; the condition that all of the flows that allows thermodynamics to mitigate temperature differentials, to work with. You know, just minor flows of heat transfer that makes the wind blow, that causes evaporation, and condensation, as well as convection currents in general; something our oceans have really come to depend on.

So you see, we not only need to change our outdated economic system to make using hydrogen a lot easier, we need to do it so we can still use wind turbines at all.


Hydrogen turns out to be something of an all-purpose element, a Swiss Army knife for energy. It's also really expensive to isolate — despite its natural abundance (in, you know, water).