Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I think That We're Going To Have To Consider That Discussion Transactions

That serve to change, in each small transactional way, the current state of a discussion thread; that these would be the far better use for blockchain linkages to keep track of both originator authenticity, as well as the matter of the discussion site itself being authentic to what the site claims it to be; and then to make sure that if a new thread element is accepted, multiple check sites have agreed to all of the authenticity of both public, and private keys.

This would obviously, then, change a great deal concerning how any kind of important social interaction forum would go about putting new comments into play. And it would present a pretty big increase in necessary secure traffic across the web generally. Something, obviously, that a for profit object model would be loath to consider even if it didn't involve new process demands to what used to be just pass along the input, and see to it that the interface thinks a human has clicked "Accept," or "Publish," or whatever interface catchphrase is required.

But, and I know this will sound trite to a good number of you, but social discourse is way more important than either imaginary money, whatever bits they might arranged by, or the real gold that some bits might still represent, in a very crude, and outmoded way; just to translate one specialized skill set commodity, into the output of another.

This and very heavily protected, community subnets, that provide only read only access to outsiders, and better designed biometric authentication for community users to go deeper for full read/write access; though I have to confess to tell you I don't know how we'd handle all of the details of how we'd be able to make this work throughout its full complexity.

We will have to do something though. That much we can be sure of. The next question, however, is how we can ever expect that the full range of things that ought to be done, will ever be done, as long we stick to this outmoded, old cost based, way of doing business as usual. Because you can be sure as hell that a little piece meal work here, or a little piece meal work there, is absolutely not going to cut it in the long run.

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