Thursday, February 15, 2018

Another Case Of Connect The Diggs I Dug

Consider, if you will, the following:

If Google had to buy, most of what it needed, from somebody that controlled that purchase market, as much as Google controls what others are (directly or indirectly) purchasing from it, do you suppose Google would be as successful as it is right now?

This illustrates two things:

1. Capitalism has allowed it self to become comfortable with the notion that a market can be as free, or controlled, as happenstance, and supposed controlled effort, leave it; which then creates a crazy quilt of combinations of competitive, not competitive, and various blends of in between.

And 2: That this, then, provides the foundation for the declaration that everybody now wants to buy from a competitive market, but no one wants to sell there.

That this should also be seen as the insane contradiction that it is, for something that's supposed to be a self regulating system, seems to not attract nearly the notice it should, though, and that ought also be alarming.

How does one find balance in such a system when it is guided as well, and too much, by the frame of reference that sees things, in the larger perspective, as the needs of the few out weighing the needs of the many. A perspective, alas, also so adept at using Capitalism's many flaws, and contradictions, to their benefit; especially when electrified money can now command any blend of the wet ware, or synthetic ware, out there, to get what they want. Because they control the counters; making more of them, as well as maintaining what they, supposedly, mean.

Any fool can see that this will not hold with the challenges that are now upon the human race, and this still beautiful planet. Everybody has to understand. Both sides of the duality, that is our fate now, must be respected. One cannot be allowed to dominate totally over the other, it's just that simple folks.

The real bottom line here, in our current context, is that you can't marginalize people just because it suits your individual self interest. Your wealth rests upon the social inertia of an implied covenant: that shared behavioral norms would be respected as long as it made sense for all parties concerned. And that most definitely is not the case now.

And wouldn't you just know it. This also just happens to be when we absolutely have to start fixing everything Capitalism has left festering all these many, many, decades.

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