Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Race To Colonize Mars Is About More Than Just Male Entitlement

Though that is certainly an important component to it.

It is, rather, in my mind about how so many men, and women too, though probably not to nearly the same degree, do not understand the need for balance in all things in our approach to life, and the things that ought to be important in life; hence not only the horrible mess we've made of this planet, as an unbelievably beautiful, and complex, interdependent biom of so many amazing, living systems; but also the unbelievable mess we've made of how we live as social beings. Of all of the deprivation, and suffering that we've allowed to become institutionalized simply because the economics of scarcity fits so well into personal aggrandizement, and the ego expression of power.

A good part of this happens because we have not figured out yet not only the full what, as well as the why, of something that I have always felt is implicit schizofrenia in the fact that men are both partly women, and partly something else. And then, to make things even worse, we are not socialized at all appropriately to even understand this duality, let alone deal with it. Just as we are not, as a species, yet fully cognizant of just how complex gender identity, and gender preference is, and from that how we go about properly socializing the good connections between what can be loving, nurturing, as well as practical choice making, parenting combinations.

The fact of the matter is, in my opinion, that gender preference, and identity are just rolls of immense, cosmic dice, and that there are no arbitrary, it has to be this combination, and this alone, that must be followed. And you can say this because the nominal, parental norms we've been used to dealing with are just so much BS; as in the so called "provider" must be male, and the so called "nurturer" must be female, and that both these are the only way to raise children; when, in truth, whoever are the parents, all must be capable, at any given moment, to be either the provider, or the nurturer. And that each should be able to take not only great pride in being able to do both, but great satisfaction as well.

The bottom line in this, for me as a man, who understands a great deal more of what my woman side is, and what if offers in both upsides and downsides, is that there are so many ways to have, and express, strength. And that the most obvious one; the one that underlies "might makes right," is in fact, the least important. And that is why my life has been one great, very difficult struggle, to first come to this better understanding, and then to try to articulate that understanding. This is why, from the very beginning, though I did not understand it at the time, I have been engaged in trying to bring that understanding into the larger arena of political and economic discourse; having the effort evolve along the way, even a I have evolved in coming to this better understanding. And that is why I blog now. And that is why I am a revolutionary seeking great change in how we conduct human affairs.

With misguided, though very creative, overly commercialized men like Mr. Musk, we risk just repeating endlessly all of the old mistakes that are implicit in continuing to follow the economics of scarcity, and that the needs of the few should outweigh the needs of the many. Allowing them, perhaps, to build the ultimate of gated communities, from which, with newfound synthetic ware control, they might rule indefinitely via the means of the self indulgent expression of "might makes right" (just watch Netflix's "Altered Carbon" to see how depressing such a thing could become), though the precarious nature of our planet's continued survival at all makes even that fear problematic. Unless, of course, we are all willing to become a good deal more "revolutionary," now that both "Father Fortress" and "Mother Earth" seem ready to accept that they must cooperate, somehow, with each other, in order for balance of any kind to come about; and express itself as living the ongoing tension of negotiating what that always changing balance should be, moment to moment.

This is the challenge that lies ahead of us. Will we even acknowledge it? And then will we have all of the heart, perseverance, faith, and strength in a bunch of other qualities to do it?

I steadfastly remain hopeful.

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