Monday, February 12, 2018

The Unbelievable Shortsightedness, Of Gushing On Again, About The Newfound Way...

And or brilliant disrupter, who wants to do the brilliant thing in a commercial manner.

Case in point: Thinking, again, that we can gain true public benefit by letting something as basic as transportation into space, or space utilization in general for that matter, to the dictates of profit, and market gain.

Especially with the notion of how we will all be able to do what needs to be done with space, and by automatic, connection, what priorities will be addressed.

What a lot of the commercialized, be they uber tech oriented, or not, don't get is that a broken planet, and way too many people already on it; all of these things dictate, as a combined priority, the following: Within the next 50 to 100 years, if we don't already have nearly a half, to a billion people, already off, or in the pipeline to be going off earth (many of which, certainly being needed to work the effort to be able to pipeline even more), we will be very unlikely to be able to save this planet. And that means that we all have to embrace public transportation like we never have before.

Plain and simple folks. Too many and making more, but, and this is essential, we will need them all. We will need them all precisely because the effort required to get this done will, eventually, have to be a very coordinated, global response. Because every player in the game has to be included, or they'll have the inescapable ability to keep the dangerous competitions going, and to only much too obvious a cataclysmic conclusion. And so we've got to start getting every group on board, as quickly as we can.

And lest we also forget, Capitalism itself is broken as well. So we simply can't use it even if it didn't end up always screwing us with past privitations of important social/economic systems.

As impressive a technical, and engineering, achievement as SpaceX's rocket launch was, it still doesn't change the fact that rockets, mid to long term, just are not going to provide the throughput capability we are going to need here; so we must leapfrog that to what I call "Accelerate In Place" approaches. And that is where an ocean born, suspended tunnel, hypertube launch system, built to real industrial standard transport norms (where we would be talking 100 ton payloads at the minimum, launched one ever hour, twenty four, seven) comes in. Structures we can build with the leverage of already wanting to build Yen Tornado Turbines at sea, so that we can create liquid hydrogen as the new, global, public fuel staple. A fuel we'll be able to provide globally because we'll have the Hybrid Dirigible Blimp train, transport system to take it wherever the need is. And thus, hopefully, we we will provide the incentive for the rest of the world to join us in this effort.

Like I've said before, it's your call. Think long and hard on it though. Not choosing wisely here is going to be a real ass biter.

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