Monday, February 12, 2018

None Of This Makes Sense, When You Look At It In Total

One of the few things you can be sure of, in my opinion, is that the states aren't going to get any more money than what the latest, "keep the government working" deal, has granted them. As such, you are not going to get much benefit beyond that either.

And even if the Democrats come to full power some several years hence, just how much taxing power will they be able to suck out of Big Money, to try to do more good, as well as not make the deficit worse, before it takes it's money to the sidelines in punishment for their efforts; at which point they let the economy tank for a while to emphasize the point, so that, at the appointed hour, people will be willing to forget just what a rodent Speaker of the House Ryan was, and make him politically viable once again.

One of the other few things you can be sure of is that a big part of the problem here is precisely the fact that Capitalism itself is broken. That and the fact that the planet also being broken, just makes it a perfect storm for the continuing increase in the incidents of "very bad events." Which will then serve to only make things even more precarious.

And the real thing that has to stop here is that we can ever have any hope that Capitalism, or anything it controls, can fixing itself. We must be the ones who demand of our our leadership that enough is enough. We must start over and begin the negotiations of what will replace it. And we have to do that ASAP because, as I have already stated, we have a lot to do to make it possible for at least a half billion people to be off this rock, with more in the pipeline, in no more than five decades. That is, of course, if we are truly serious in wanting to save this planet.

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[Poste Note: And as long as we're talking about a system not making sense, you have to include occurances such as the following: J.V.]

Before Lissa Lucas could finish her statement against a bill that would make it easier for oil and gas companies to drill on private land, her mic was cut, and she was escorted out of the room.

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