Wednesday, February 7, 2018

This Is What Happens When You Have Non Functional Government

And don't think you can sit back with some semblance of passing it off as, "oh, well, that's just Puerto Rico, or it's "just one mismanaged agency," that's doing the really agreious things, because that dodge is just not going to wash at all.

Unless you are living exclusively in your diversion of choice these days it ought to be obvious by now that a whole lot more "bad events" are on the horizon. It is as inevitable as the fact that the planet, as a whole, geo physical system, is absorbing more heat than it is currently able to radiate back into space; mainly due, in fact, because infrared radiation has a great deal more difficulty in getting past our atmosphere, loaded up as it is with one of those full, life cycle effects, that Capitalism has yet to pay, anywhere near even near, the full price for. And that's just for starters.

Then there is the ever increasing competition for resources, in a resource limited geo physical system. Then there is the ever increasing competition of market economies; the very economies finding it harder and harder to negotiate the first two, already mentioned problems, let alone this one.

And then there is the ever increasing competition within each economic entity itself for political control over that system. On top which lies a mutating economic operating system that has turned information into money, a weapon, and something, the mistrust of which, makes, again, solving any of the other problems already mentioned, all the more difficult, even as it becomes all the more important to have.

So I say again. A whole lot more "bad events" are inevitable. And it is also quite likely that the pace of their occurrence will increase as well. In all of this I am forced to ask all of you:
Do you really think that trying to get out of this mess is going to be solved by doing it in any way related to "business as usual?" 
Think long and hard on this folks. The fate of not only your own private ass is on the line, but the planet, and most, if not all, biological life. Some several billion years of evolutionary effort, not to mention many thousands of years of human toil, suffering, and amazing achievement.

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[Post Note: Especially in a non functional government does the question "what do we get to know, and when do we get to know it," become oh so more important. J.V.]

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[Post Note: We would be remiss here if we did not mention the obvious fact that, because government bonds can sometimes become, in fact, profitable places to park various piles of counters, there is then a quite significant incentive to have the government create more. But if we are honest about that sort of thing, we also have to then admit that this is also why we need to more fundamentally question the full efficacy of investment; at least as much, if not more now, than we ever used to beat organized labor over the head for in it's now questionable role in inflation, or anything else that is bad for us both socially, and fiscally. J.V.]

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