Sunday, February 4, 2018

Since Capitalism Has Never Paid The True, Full Lifetime Costs, Of All Of This Progression Of Wealth...

...I have to wonder if this sort of differential comparison is just so much speculative BS.

After all, the main repository of natural capital is just about ready to shuck us off the planet we have mistreated so badly, and as for human capital, the majority of it lives in absolute, abject poverty, and horrible desperation. And as for those where human capital seems to be doing just fine by these measures, what do we have? Growing rates of addiction. Growing rates of crazy. And most basic of all, a growing sense of not any real connection to either meaning, or satisfactory involvement in something that actually matters to a life lived well.

And that does not even begin to talk about the decreasing amount of control that the human capital has on what is a priority, and then how priorities thus discovered are actually addressed.

Just some contrast to think about as you ponder this new way to look at how we track how we are doing.

An ambitious project to measure the wealth of nations shows how GDP is a deceptive gauge of progress

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