Monday, February 19, 2018

Here It Is In Another Nutshell

We must all be involved now with creating the next, required, more complicated, ismuth, so that this next mass migration can begin again. You know. Pretty much as has happened to homo erectus, and beyond, for many thousands of years now, when big change came about. We packed up and went looking for better digs.

It's supposed to come naturally to us but, obviously, a lot of stuff has happened since we first figured out that we hand hands, and imaginations, creating handles of all variety, that could grasp, and utilize, better understandings, of the things around us; and most especially now that instrumentality itself has become electro relativistic, and profoundly complicated in its own right.

Old economic operating norms just are not going to be up to the problem of taking on this task. And it ought to be as sadly obvious, as it is really depressing, to say it in this simple observation: "There could be little, if any, prospect, for decent profit in such an undertaking;" or, in much simpler terms: "There's no damn money in it."

That we can also say: "And rightly so," should offer only small satisfaction. But we've been on this norm where "value" has become dependant on the same operating system that has absorbed everything else in daily life. Where as well, unfortunately, far too much of what should be a careful, group process; a process of what, and how, too many important things are defined, and kept to the orthodoxy of; all, of course; where that process has been kept within the specific interests of what has become a mutated monster. Which is part and parcel of why we're having such a hard time now negotiating not only what, exactly, is going on right now, but also of what, should be the priorities, and from that the proper operational plans formulated, to deal with "what, exactly, is going on, right now."

The other difficulty here is that the same "Mutated Monster" has, for the most part, decided, over the many, many decades of its existence, that there is also "No Damn Money in it;" as in for taking their responsibility for all of the true life cycle costs, of all of the things it decided it had to do, to create the progress, both materially, and technologically, that it did, indeed, create. Unfortunately as well, that total bill is now due. And the debt collectors here will do more than just take baseball bats to our knees for lack of payment.

Put together, this means we need to get pretty much everybody, pretty much everywhere, involved in growing, and building, and fixing, and maintaining, and imagining, and dreaming up, and daring to risk; in both a manageable, and bearable, way. That, in a nutshell, is what all of my posting has been attempting to describe; slowly over time because I have had to learn how to do this, even as I have tried to keep imagining, that elusive something; that something that just had to be better than what I was forced to grow up in. There just had to be something better. I have always felt it in my bones.

One of the big problems in this is that, as I have never been able to approach it in any kind of a purely linear way, I have never been able to present it in that way either. For me it is a grand, multi dimensional, mosaic, that weaves an intricate tapestry of connections, to inter linked meaning nodes. Something that, even I did not understand fully until only the last few years, and only with better detail in the last year; most especially in August of last year; which was when this whole Cosmolosophy thing became a great deal more profound (at least to me) than I ever expected it to be.

This is why you have to jump into these posts, and bounce around in all of them, for a good while, before you can fully understand the bigger picture I've been trying to create (again, learning, as I go), for what I now understand to be, my entire, unbelievably odd, life. There may be a lot of details here you will not agree with, but I am hoping that, if you do understand the bigger picture, so to speak, you will see that the end result would make negotiating, something we can all live with, as pertains to those details, a good probability. And I can say that because I think there is enough inherent commonality in what I am proposing that the bigger picture will be an agreeable starting point. We just need to get to work, so we can work this out. Is that really so much to ask of you?

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