Sunday, February 11, 2018

Which Is Worse, That Amtrak Is So Desperate For Track Right Of Ways, It Goes Along With Secret Contracts

Or That we, as a general public, have come to care for true, comprehensive public transport, so little anymore as to not be outraged by this disconnect of liability for quite some time now.

One thing is certainly made a good deal more apparent: We need a new, much more flexible kind of regional, public mass transit. One that is absolutely means tested, and that will transport not only people, but their belongings as well.

I of course think that Hybrid dirigible, blimp trains can be that new option. We only need the recognition of what such new kinds of logistics could do for people in general to see to it that this new infrastructure investment doesn't go the way of continued neglect. Studies have proven it, and you'll find at least one of these already posted on within my two blogs.

Even when not at fault, Amtrak can bear cost of accidents

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"When I tell you this is the worst thing I've seen in all my life, being in the business for 30+ years, owning since I was a kid, this is a disaster."