Thursday, July 20, 2017

Without Having A New Economic System To Operate In...

...Such Socialist Reforms can never hope to be implemented as needed, or expected to survive for very long, even if some form of them could be adopted in the first place.

Until you accept that we have to start from completely new assumptions, in addressing any of the interrelated systemic problems our current form of economic organization has, you are just spinning your wheels over the same ground as Socialists before you. The full breadth, depth, and reach, of our combined instrumentality now has created a completely new operating environment. One that demands integration, and holistic thinking within many dimensional, interactive matrices. Something that is now the complete antithesis of the old factory mentality of segmented linearity; which is just more McLuhan speak for Capitalism.

Obviously the existing system isn't working. But the fact of the matter is that it is unable pay a living wage for a reason. And that reason is its inability to value anything in terms that balance human need with material practicality. It never really had that ability in the first place, but this was both obscured, and made up for, by the fact that, early on, human skill quickly became a quite competitive commodity. And it would stay that way until steam, and electricity, made first distance to become ever less of a cost factor, and eventually to make even human skill, not nearly so competitive any more as well.

And so all that you are left with, for the most part, is to continue to argue over what first constitutes a "living wage," and then who will be on the line to pay for it. Even as you continue to struggle to find out who will pay for all of the other problems we have neglected to the point now where they are ready to really bite us all in the ass.

We simply need to have the debate about starting over. Nobody wants to acknowledge this, but that is truly the way it is.


But to become a reality, it needs to get detailed and stop being oversold.