Thursday, July 13, 2017

It Was Never About Creating Jobs In The First Place

Oh sure, you tout job numbers when you need to sell concessions to a community, or you're fighting any and all attempts to tax you in any way, but for the most part, jobs were just a necessary part of the costs of doing business; and for which you put effort into limiting, as you would any other cost.

Any more now the real face of economic development shows itself with greater and greater unconcern for the optics of what it might seem like when more and more emphasis is placed on the simple fact of just making more money. This is why we see financials of all sorts of variations becoming ever more popular; setting up ways to create ever more speculative instruments that can create money in their own markets, without a lot of workers involved. Indeed, any more, you simply find ways to creatively crunch numbers so that you automatically create more numbers; as in the new block chain fads, or in amassing ever more computers to game either time variations in price quotes, or to simply game information correlations so that minute commodity swings can be constantly profited from; of which, of course, the increasing variations of paper instruments are but a part of.

In so much of all of this, naturally, little of actual substance is created. No new factories built. No new physical process enhancements that would make us more productive in general. All that is actually created is just more numbers in computers everywhere so that the smoke and mirrors of computerized count can make a few ever more rich and powerful. Precisely because we play along with it.

This is where a big part of Capitalism is today and it is growing. And once automation really starts to show what it can do you have to wonder what kind of growing liability the rest of us are going to be eventually seen as. Status symbols for those who can afford the best collection of slaves? Simply a good source for the cannon fodder their rapacious appetites for more resources, and their need to protect themselves, are going to demand? Only your imagination is the limit to that kind of conjecture.

What we are talking about here is just another aspect of the reality of a mutated economic operating system never intended to operate within an environment where skill retrieval no longer requires a human to nearly the degree it used to. Which ought to make it clear, even to the terminally obtuse, that we cannot rely on  this system any further.

The only remaining question, then, is what are you going to do about it? Just more nothing as the very economic ground you stand on is pulled out from under you? That is certainly what they want you to do.

The disappearing startup