Friday, July 7, 2017

When I think About The Vagaries Of The Free Flow Of Information...

...One the main things that keeps amazing me is how lamely we keep accepting the idea that Big Money can know as much about us as it pleases them to know (because they can afford to purchase whatever), and yet when we want to know more about what Big Money is up to, the notion that it is all part and parcel of "proprietary" stops us, nearly dead in our tracks, every time.

All of this in the age of "everything is connected."

I mention that last part because it is precisely that fact that makes it essential that we, as a supposedly well informed electorate, have the latest intel in hand so that we can make informed decisions. But of course, when you are a big, swinging dick Capitalist, what's yours is yours and the rest of us can all go intercourse ourselves.

Is this anyway to run a nation in the age of information? And now that they are attacking the only institutions we have to get us information, and calling it "Fake," how well do you think this is going to turn out for the rest of us.


The industry giant is famously secretive. A look at its largest-ever acquisition of Georgia-Pacific offers a rare view into the firm’s management style.