Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Current Russian Government Is Little More Than A Criminal Gang...

...And that leadership's ongoing attacks on our information infrastructure, as well as the attacks on our election institutions, raises the stakes involved in their criminal behavior to the most extreme levels. In this regard not only must we continue with ever more severe sanctions against this government, we must label them what they really are: a rogue criminal element only thinly disguised as a legitimate leadership (I would also hope that our own media would stop calling people like Mr. Putin a "Strong Man," in lieu of the more accurate terms such as dictator, killer, or simply syndicate boss).

And any leader in our own nation who does not come out, without lame qualifiers of any kind, to denounce this regime for what it really is, is simply aiding and abetting. We should thus be very clear in marking these individuals; keeping their betrayal of our nation's interest in our memories; making sure, as time goes on, that these people do not prosper further in the public realm, either financially, or politically, from this kind of disgraceful behavior.

Lawyer Probing Russian Corruption Says His Balcony Fall Was ‘No Accident’