Sunday, July 2, 2017

They Say That Misery Loves Company...

...But not nearly as much as Capitalism loves misery.

That's because not only does Capitalism require the economics of scarcity, which of course is a prime mover for misery, but also because, as commodity, suffering, and the related desire to seek redress from it when it was purposely created, in contravention of one rule or another, make for fertile ground for profits if you are in the right niche market. And what better niche market than the legal profession to add insult to injury (which is why we all know the answer to the question: what do you call it when a boat load of lawyers sinks -- a good start).

But then we've already established that having access to the protection of law itself is also a commodity; which is why the rich can often intimidate the rest of us so easily in civil court, not to mention why the poor in general get such inequality of outcomes in civil or criminal law.

Oddly enough, Capitalism also loves destruction because, Gods know, there is a lot of money to be made there with the cleaning up and hauling away; and then in the subsequent rebuilding, especially if the destruction causes a lot of people to go bankrupt in one form or another, because then a person with the right access to capital can jump in and pick property for pennies on the dollar.

Gosh. What a great system to provide so many opportunities to take advantage of both scarcity, and misery. Why would we ever want to get rid of that?

Unresolved Flint Water Crisis Allowing Law Firms to Rake in Millions of Dollars

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