Monday, July 31, 2017

Even Though I Benefit Here...

....The admission must be made that too much concentrated power is too much concentrated power.

I just wish the intelligent people who make up the behemoth that is Alphabet now would see their own personal interests here affected just as much as if it were Rupert Murdoch buying more media companies, or Comcast, or Amazon or whatever the biggest chemical, energy, or financials institutions are, getting even bigger still.

The only reason bigger works in the short term now is because mutated Capitalism mandates not only bigger itself, but bigger faster, in order to compete both for market power, but for as much information control as can possibly be attained; because with that, everything else falls automatically into place.


With a real threat of antitrust and privacy regulation on the horizon, Google is on track to become this year’s top corporate lobbying spender in the US.