Thursday, July 27, 2017

Until The New "Disruption" Takes That Life Away Again

And of course, given how susceptible Capitalism is to "disruptions" of all types, most especially as they concern world events, as well as the merely competitive type, you can be sure that there will be the one that will eventually make that shiny new "fulfillment" center evaporate into another abandoned hulk; just like the Walmart stores that have suddenly gone empty, or the dozens of other, formerly great, retailers; just about the time your community really becomes dependant on it.

And given that the world is now entering permanent crisis mode, disruptions are going to be more and more commonplace.  And this is without even considering what shrinking incomes in general are going to do, because even if it is a canny, online retailer, how's it to prosper if there is less and less discretionary income available for people to spend with?

Fulfillment Center Warehouse Jobs Give New Life to Sleepy Towns