Monday, July 10, 2017

The Only Thing You Can Rely On With Big Money...

...Is that no matter how much you sacrifice to lure it to your area, and keep it there, it will stay only as long as it continues to make the same kind of profits that made their money big in the first place. And of course, the longer it stays, the longer it makes you more dependant on it alone; whereupon you are literally forced to continue to sacrifice, even if, in the long run, it won't make any difference.

So we get these situations where a deep pocket competitor can come in, destroy whatever little, organically grown local businesses that might have been there to serve the locals, and then not care in the least about what the effect will be on the community once the profit picture turns sour. Could you come up with a better way to gut a community? A method where, in fact, you are actually able to get the locals to participate in their own destruction? Perhaps, but you would be very hard pressed in any case.

This is not just cruel. This is not just crazy. It is the height of absurdity made manifest. Why are we staying with a system that can do this to a community? Why on earth would we ever again trust the vagaries of markets, let alone the arbitrary nature of what is deemed profitable enough? Why would we put the very survival of our towns, and counties into the hands of people who have absolutely no real connection to the people who live where these Big Money people want to make profits?

The real question now is: Who is more to blame? Is it them? Doing what they've always done best (which is looking out for their own interests). Or is the fault ours? Ours for not coming, at long last, to the conclusion that enough is enough. The destructiveness of this mutated economic operating system has become far too amplified now that it has gone electric. It must be stopped and we are the only ones who can do it.

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