Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Real Problem Here Is Seeing Human Need As A Commodity In The First Place

Or not seeing that technology has changed the operating environment that now surrounds us so much as to make human skill as a reliable commodity of value, impossible. And let us be clear here. No matter the work I do, if I am doing it, I am, in whatever small way, providing another cog in the total machine, to keep it all going. So it should surprise no one when the declaration is made that my participation needs to be rewarded equitably, because that is the whole point of my living by a social contract of laws, and the majority choice in creating those laws.

And then there is not seeing that continuing with the old way of doing things only serves to concentrate power into the hands of a few; a power now that threatens the ability even to have informed choice at all.

Trying to reform a very significant part of your economy to act like it is a Socialist institution without also changing the rest of the system will never work in the long run. You might get a form of it started, and you might have that run for a while, but those who you would newly burden with the payment here would not sit by idly afterwards. And they can afford to make our investment atmosphere, and market expectations, shake enough (by various means), to create whatever new "Great Recession" they might care to dream up. And to punish "the people" once and for all, they might cook up a doozy of an employment buster.

The only way we are going to effect real change is to create a new party platform that would pledge itself both to eliminating Capitalism, calling for a Constitutional Convention, and proposing the complete employee buyout of all productive capacity in the American economy; done in part, of course, so that we can provide proper restitution for the capital holders of all of that property, but also because that is the only way you are ever going to have a meaningful start to "Single Payer."

Government-Run Health Care: Democrats’ New Litmus Test

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