Friday, July 28, 2017

The Politicians Are Part Of The Same Outdated, Mutated, Economic Operating System We Are

As such, they operate accordingly. As such pretty much everything inside that operating system then becomes a commodity; to be bought and sold as willy nilly as a chaotically out of control operating system can make them.

We are in a new technological operating environment. If you understand how the major means by which we inter associate (all of the media, and instrumentality we have to not only encode, store, and retrieve experience, but the amazing new physical means to translate meaning back into structure in the physical world), can have a profound effect on how we  both perceive, and conceive, of things, you can understand how profound such a greatly different environment can be on those things for us. This is why we need not only involvement in depth in the entertainments we seek now, we need involvement in depth in how we run both our social, and personal lives. We need that involvement in depth because that's how connection to meaning has to be processed now; precisely because we can see all of the overlapping, and interconnected layers, of both the physical world itself, but also of our complex social, and information, interactions, in the age of electrified information retrieval.

This was Marshal McLuhan's essential message about media, and the extensions of man. This was the one part of Mr. McLuhan's message that escaped the notice of our economic, and political, intellectual elites. One that grabbed me by the balls over four decades ago, and wouldn't let go. And to be clear, we are talking about a kind of involvement that the linear, fragmented, and specialist isolated, world of the factory mentality (which sprung from the printing press and typography) that is Capitalism, cannot ever hope to provide in any truly integrated fashion.

It's taken me this long to begin to articulate it to whatever degree I have so far; which is to say it should have been better a lot sooner, and I'm sure it still needs to be a lot better still.

Whatever the case that may be, though, still leaves you, and what you might do about it. My bias says you really ought to be giving this some serious thought, and if you do there are only two options: Embrace the need for change, or accept the way things are and just find whatever comfort, and or, meaning you can, while you can. I'd like to think one path offers hope, and the other does not.

What do you think?


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