Thursday, July 20, 2017

Which Is Why Bernie Sanders Should Stop Caucusing With A Party...

...That is as out of date as the economic operating system the Dems still think they  can reform, and make behave. A sentiment that is nearly as absurd as thinking the GOP would ever abandon greed as one of their essential party platforms.

The fact of the matter is that a completely new party must be formed. One that breaks away from any further reliance on Capitalism as a main component of its founding principles. A party that combines the best aspects of both Libertarianism, and Socialism, to work a better Democratic ideal for the majority of working people in America. And I can think of no better person, at the moment at least, to lead that party than Mr. Sanders. I can only hope that those of you out there who still care will do all you can, at every juncture of you social interactions, to give this idea some much needed momentum, and some legs.

As I have stated before, none of this is up to me. I am just trying to articulate a better ideological place to start from. If you want real change, however, then you will need to get up off of you butt and do something about it. Nothing will come of nothing otherwise.


Lessons learned from 2016 seem to be few and far between among establishment Democrats.