Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Live By The Market, Die By The Market

And/or your own choices along the way as well, of course.

Like perhaps taking on too much at one time? But who am I to say about that, other than to just express an opinion. The bottom line, however remains: The increasing turbulence in the markets he's trying to dominate in hasn't even begun to reach the full chaos that is in store for any of them, and yet he's having more and more challenges already (more competitors, more instabilities -- internally and externally, and increasing inability to meet market expectations).

And oh, by the way, the earth is under imminent threat. Not only by the immediate challenge of extreme weather either; as the dangerous competitions inherent in Capitalism make very clear; those competitions that raise tensions for war over markets, resources, and who dominate. All when cooperation is the only thing that can possibly save us.

The sad thing here, as smart as I am sure he is, is that he will most likely not give nearly serious enough thought to the idea that maybe; just maybe, Capitalism is, in every important respect, obsolete. And maybe even more, that his great capability would be better utilized in coming up with either a better alternative than I have suggested, or helping out in solving all of the problems my approach would have, because you can also be sure that it will have a very good number of those.

As I have always said. I don't have all of the answers precisely because I do not have anywhere near all of the important questions asked yet. I need help in this in that respect for the simple reason that no one mind could possibly anticipate all of the problems going down the path of my alternative would create. The problem, though, is that our options are going to start diminishing exponentially, as time marches on because of the lead times it takes to do anything that might have necessary effect in the time we have left, before all of the ice at the poles melts. Because after that it becomes very problematic as to how long life as we know it can last; so dependant has life become on this planet for various circulatory systems; especially as it relates to mean temperatures all over the place, and how evaporation, and condensation can continue to happen at all, even if there isn't much wind to move the potential for rain where it is really needed, and away from where anymore is certain catastrophe.

What will ultimately happen? Only time, and a great number of individual decisions, will tell.

Tesla Doesn’t Burn Fuel,It Burns Cash

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[Post Note: Here is an example of one of the coming, competitors, who might be just as disruptive, and hungry for completely new tech markets, as Elon himself used to be. And this guy will have a Corporate/Government co operative backing him up. J.V.]

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