Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The True Mindset Of Capitalism

It doesn't matter how well you are doing at any particular moment. All that matters is that there are others taking market share away from you. And whether that might actually be a good thing, it hardly seems to matter at all; good thing being, of course, thinking long term, as it tends to keep you on your toes, concerning what you actually provide, within your majority control of said market, and thus less likely to be the victim of somebody else's "disruption."

No. What truly matters is that you crush all possibility for such surprise, even as you take making a good profit to absolutely mindless extremes. And this, it would seem, because the only successful Capitalist now is the one with the biggest, most maniacal ego around; whatever pond, of whatever size, you might want to talk about.

Now that cooperation, along with a lot of imagination, and willingness of the majority to sacrifice, is probably the only thing, that is going to save us, or the planet, any fool can see that sticking with an operating system, even remotely described by the first two paragraphs above, might not be all that helpful in getting it done, and doing it in way that preserves balance for both the majority, and the minority. Not very helpful at all.

So. Do you want to survive or not? Your choice.

AT&T/Verizon lobby asks FCC to help raise prices on smaller ISPs

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