Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A New Deal It Seems That Not Even Supposed Liberals Can Deliver on

If there were anything that truly expressed our screwed up priorities vis a vie the future, this is surely it. Something that shouldn't surprise us, though, certainly, given how we treat education, and teachers, in the first place; as a cost factor that no prominent economic entity wants to be responsible for. And of course, any more now the only economic entities that matter are the private sector ones, as government is rendered ever more impotent by the constant removal of the ability to fund any service that doesn't directly benefit the new economic centers of power.

In my view, what this ought to be really telling us is that it is long past due time for us, and I mean each of us in every community, to truly take responsibility for ourselves. And we can only do that if we take control of our own communities and run them ourselves. Run them ourselves just as my alternative suggests we should.

I have posted on this before. The time is long past to realize that we can no longer do critically important social functions as if they were just processes you can spec out in a service contract with some money oriented service providers. Mental health care. Child care. Education. The list could go on. They are the things that we must do for ourselves (as the acts of loving interest they are supposed to be), in the way that best fits what our community needs, and has at its ability to provide. And we must do these things without regard to the stupid demands of markets; markets that are now the mutated, iterative processes of destruction one would certainly expect from an economic model several hundred years out of date, as well as one laid so low (in terms of social outcomes) by a technological development (electrified experience retrieval) it could not have possibly anticipated.

And as this New Republic article makes abundantly clear, not even the supposed Liberals can work anything useful anymore out of this absolutely broken system. And this is so because even those nations that do a pretty good job now of putting money where their social priorities are, are not likely to be able to do this indefinitely, going into the future, because even if we could beat back the environmental damage done, and save the planet, the ever increasing, now becoming deadly dangerous competitions (for scarce resources, and market dominance in general), will force governments into ever more impossible choices as to what to spend ever decreasing revenues on.

What this boils down to is this: How many ways do you need to see just how inappropriate it has become to continue to believe that a cost based form of economic operation will give us not only what we need materially, but what we must have in terms of meaningful connections between us all. Meaningful connections that feel right because they address both the mind and the heart. And until we realize that we will continue to make the same mistakes we have been making. The same mistakes that the planet will now no longer tolerate at all.

A New Deal for Day Care

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[Post Note: I'm including this tech reference just to remind you of the very real nature of what has become of "electrified experience retrieval." J.V.]


So, you're saying that robots are now extremely strong and adept, artificially intelligent and also now self-healing? Cool, cool. Right, and we're all good with this? Gotcha. Great.

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