Friday, May 11, 2018

Too Much Power Indeed

But if the revolution won't be coming from the consumer, where else is it to come from?

You have to ask that question because, as he makes quite clear, the advertisers aren't leaving, and neither are the consumers. All he can offer, though, is that government should take action. But if the "Zuck's" of the world gain greater communicative power, how much more chaotic can government itself get before everything just implodes of its own, suddenly obvious, absurdity.

This is, unfortunately, another ugly aspect of "Business as Usual," where it gets personal; whether out of just habit, or just real addiction now, many of us can't give up the very thing that is killing our ability to think for ourselves, let alone to be able to realize that the planet is in danger as well; whatever the case may be ultimately, though, if we can't all wake the hell up very soon we are all in dire straits indeed. All of us. Whether you can afford a survival bunker deluxe now or not.

What I keep wondering is: Where are the people who put the creativity into tech corporations now; the scientists, coders and managers and analysts, and all the rest in the trenches that fight the growing war of competitive tech. The people who have to think clearly for a living. Is it just the money, at least while it lasts? Does that make what will ultimately result here worth it? When it could be changed. If enough of us spoke up. People with considerably more credibility than I.

I know you are out there. I know some of you pay attention to at least a few of my posts. Are you just going to sit back and do nothing? Do you value the continuance of life so little anymore?

Time will tell.

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