Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Very Understandable, and Laudable, Idea That Won't Work

It is very hard for me to understand why some Progressives still think that they can create the change they seek by behaving as Liberals.

Liberals are those who think that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Capitalism that a few, well chosen laws won't fix. They have been thinking this for well over fifty years now. And in that time we have had a lot of laws added. Laws layered on laws that, almost without exception, might start out having some good effect but, after being watered down in the first place, and then, either starved of funds to continue to do what was intended, or by simply being ignored by subsequent new administrations, or by being co opted by the insertion of stooges into positions of leadership in enforcement agencies, are rendered either impotent, or completely counterproductive to what they were intended for.

This idea that you can make a market based economy, and one now that faces not only imposible new contradictions because of technological change, but also all of these dangerous competitions with the rest of the world for resources, and who will dominate certain critical markets; that you can make that kind operating system fork over significant chunks of what would otherwise have been profit, and still have it be competitive, is ridiculous. And especially ridiculous because all of the layering of these laws, over time, serve mostly to make an already much to complex of system even more so. It is the equivalent of making update changes over and over to complex software, trying to keep it relevant to changes in the operating environment, but not only having a good portion of your software staff working against you, but also having to face the reality that, at some point, you absolutely have to start over with a completely redesigned approach to what is needed for your software to do in the first place.

When are any of you going to understand that, if you have a substantially changed operating environment, you must, at some point, create a new way of operating within it. That means a complete redefinition of what work should be. And of how we set things up so that we are able, for once, to truly govern ourselves.

Just face and accept it. Electrified experience retrieval has made human skill as a reliably competitive commodity an absolute absurdity. The same electrification has turned information, which is essential to an informed electorate in a Democracy, into pure gold; gold that nobody wants to share correctly anymore at all. And so it becomes a weapon instead. And hasn't that just added so much sweetness and light to our attempts to create consensus, and common understanding; as well as to our ability to negotiate what are priorities, and what aren't.

From my point of view it just cannot be more obvious. We will not survive as a nation, and the planet will not survive as a living habitat, if we stay with an operating system so toxic, and out of date.

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[Post Note: Liberals think a few new laws will change things and yet the absurdities of this view pile up almost as bad as the garbage we still do not know how to deal with properly. Garbage from an operating system that creates waste at every turn because it cannot factor in full lifetime costs of the ever present, and growing, avalanche of consumerist items that have automatic obsolescence built into them because the great, and terrible machine, must always make and sell more. J.V.]


This is in part due to China's recent ban on accepting many varieties of foreign recyclables.

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