Sunday, May 6, 2018

And Bush Senior Couldn't Keep His Promise Not To Raise Taxes

That may have been the start of "bad Republicanism," but I can't help but think that President Clinton's "Third Way" (in conjunction with British Prime Minister Tony Blair) didn't help much either. Sure, Clinton finally balanced the budget for a short period of time, but the big trade deals negotiated, though quite logical in global economic terms, began the true death knell for organized labor; something that I think was inevitable in any case given that electrified experience retrieval already guaranteed that human skill was doomed as a viable, competitive commodity. Add in the tremendous advancements in containerized shipping and you can see why anything can be made anywhere; with the skill, and motive capital, being able to be applied only with the click of a mobile app (so to speak).

George H.W. Bush’s broken promise that changed the Republican Party

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