Sunday, May 27, 2018

This Is How You Start Getting Yourself Out Of Doing "Business As Usual."

First listen to both the practical, and the heartfelt side of things.

Then mediate carefully on all you can learn from both.

You need to exercise your mind. Your body. And your sense of that which is greater than mere logical abstraction. Because only through discipline can the heart affect any of the empathy we need to nurture so carefully. For empathy is the cooperation of two opposing forces.

Then, as another, quite practical, and spiritual man once said, try to live the change you would seek to see manifest in the world.

If it is truly balanced it will be sustainable. It if is not it will show us the many metaphorical levels by which individuals, groups, and whole living systems, can espress the process of bleeding out.

Japan's divestment campaign pits Buddhist priest against banks

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