Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Things They Don't Necessarily Emphasize As Much Concerning Jobs Numbers

There has been some mention, at least, of the lack of real wage growth, and we can certainly be grateful for that. The thing that really irks me, however, is how little is given over both to just how much of our economy now is making its big bucks not only on destruction, in its various guises (cleaning up after various natural disasters, social disasters, waging wars with the indirect support of supplying weapons, and supplies, as well as on indirect health costs from the various destructive environments), but also on how what little good news there has been is so fragile in nature. Because this is anything but a storm ready economy.

Fragile because all of the various fault lines that are building up terrible pressures now are still there; still there and just regathering themselves up for another series of big hits to one region after another, and one sector of the economy after another. More grist for the headline news, and weather channel, to make big advertising dollars on even as we watch another ratcheting up of "It's already half past later than you think." And nothing, certainly, in any of our institutions, is improving. And all we are left with is the horrible after effects of "Business As Usual."

Economists look for wage gains as unemployment falls to 3.9 percent

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Part of the reason the unemployment rate fell is because 236,000 people left the labor force altogether last month, not because everyone suddenly has jobs.

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