Saturday, May 19, 2018

It Doesn't Matter Whether He's A Genius Or Not

Or even whether his intent is only partially self serving, or not. All that matters is the question, given how interrelated everything is now, and what even a butterfly can do in a complex system, of whether society can afford to allow any one person so much materially effective power. Power that can make entire habitats not be nearly so habitable at all any more now in fact. Not to mention the kind of power that can also empart greats bouts of suffering and turmoil amongst our fellow travellers; here on this quite over stressed little blue marble of a spaceship.

I think that any fool can see that sowing dissent in a crowded space ship, and one that is already sucking people out into oblivion in too many ways, is probably not a very good idea. Kinda like shooting off high powered projectile weapons inside a sealed container; One that has a lot of pressure built up inside it in any case already because, well... because we really, really did evolve under all kinds of pressure, but one now where everyone seems bent on creating new sources of very dangerous pressures. And most of it because they can and because they can be made very rich by it.

Meet Masayoshi Son, The Japanese Venture Capitalist Financing Silicon Valley And Shaping Our World

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Twenty years ago, Microsoft tried to eliminate its competition in the race for the future of the internet. The government had other ideas.

[Post Note: Just remember, it is the collateral damage, that people who want to "disrupt" one market or another, don't want to be held responsible for; even as they also, however, demand all of the immediate, short term market advantage their "disruption" provides. They'll be able to move on to another "disruption" soon enough, if the V.C. guys like the one featured in the Bloomberg have any say in it. J.V.]

Nearly 51 million American households can't afford middle class basics, including housing, food, child care, health care and transportation, a new United Way study has found.

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