Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Interrelated Difficulties Of Ridding Ourselves Of Anything In A Massively Integrated Operating Environment

Sure. There are good things we want to do. We want to, not only because it makes us feel good, because suffering is usually involved, but also because (simplistic though it might seem) everybody understands the notion of "if we get it out of the way, it makes for a better day" (because problems interrupt process; hence irritating the interrupted, already trying to deal with their own problem)

But then we immediately come crashing up upon a huge wall of contradictions. And so many of those contradictions are a direct result of how our current operating system does things.

First off, naturally, is the fact that one person's very rewarding means of livelihood is another person's poison pill, in a number of ways that may, or may not, be so obvious. Then, certainly, is the economy itself. It might have dozens of interrelated livelihoods, none of which, in themselves is harmful, but all still dependant, in one way or another, on the first poison pill you might start your consideration with; and of course all of them may have very complicated, could be poisonous, or not, factors, that can also vary for other unseen reasons, and they too with tendrils of effect into other systems.

Take plastic for example. A lot of it comes from fossil fuel. And if you were to suddenly realize, as a lot of people have, that our plastic use is getting out of hand, you would naturally want to do something about it.

Of course, fossil fuel itself has a lot of problems, problems that other folks have also become quite appraised of, and motivated to do something about. But right away you face the same problem of interconnecting livelihoods, and total economic effect. So one concern comes crashing into the other; whereupon great consternation, and frustration ensues as large numbers of people, working at quite diametrically opposed directions of intent (but for the same emotional, and logical reasons), get all tangled up in the social gridlock we are experiencing today.

This is, in a nutshell, why you cannot do meaningful change now to one problem at a time in such a complicated monster as Electro Capitalism has become. The new instrumentality we now possess, and the problem of the greed and corruption that this new instrumentality makes possible, in an old system that wasn't designed to handle such new ways of being able to affect all that is of and about us, make doing anything hard enough at the getgo as it is, but with the way things interact, making great swaths of different folks pay, one way or another, while others don't; and then having that be a crazy possible mix of just collateral damage happenstance, as well as from the various attempts at clever manipulation, which hardly ever go as planned. All of that. All of that mind boggling complexity that thus ensues, with most of it quickly becoming the very definition of chaotic; that dear reader is what we are heading into now.

The only way we can figure, and work, our way out of this is to realize that we have to start over. We have to start over with a completely new way of going about it. We have to sit down, take a comprehensive inventory of not only how different things are today, but also of what we are actually capable of doing; if we could actually utilize all of it within the bounds of majority rule, and the rule of law. And we can figure a way out to do those things the same way we figure out what then might be the better way to operate, as a reformed Federation of some form, that lets working people be their own city governments, and then, at the very least, be their own House of Representatives, with the City States then each getting a seat in the remade Senate. And we do all of that by learning how to negotiate with each other all over again, because it is only by cooperating, as widely as possible, that our species is going to survive. And that is definitely something you can absolutely count on.

Change or die folks. The clock is ticking.

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