Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Lot Of Lip Service To A Lot Of Progressive Red Meat

But certainly not much of any new thinking about what you do with a broken, and obsolete, economic system. Any more than they gave much attention to the growing alarm that ought to be there for the sake of a very sick planet.

And just how does one "restore faith in government" when it has become so entangled in that very same broken economic system? You have already tried reforms, over and over again. And what if that broken economic system is the main impediment to fixing anything that is seriously wrong now; precisely because the electrified aspect of its competitive nature has turned information itself into gold so that, as already stated, nobody wants to share it properly anymore. So now all its good for is manipulation, obfuscation, and outright thievery.

This moment in human history is not about whether a supposed new version of the Democrats, or some supposed emergency revamp of the very tarnished Republicans, will retake, or keep, hold on power in America. It is about whether humans will see this as the opportunity to do the much needed pivot to life beyond all of the old butchery, ignorance, and self serving indifference of the economics of scarcity that originally spurred the creation of Capitalism (which made sense for that time and operating environment_); making it give way instead to holistic thinking, and balance; recognizing life now as the very intricately integrated multiplex of systems interacting with other systems; whereupon we get the notion that everything affects everything else, directly or indirectly, eventually.

And in this, of course, amongst the very top priorities, is the need to find a way of cooperating with each other. To find a way to negotiate this "better balance" on an ever ongoing, and dynamic, fashion. Which certainly won't be easy. With a little imagination, though, and that willingness to cooperate, we can make that difficulty pay off with humans put on a path that will not only save this planet, it will create the New Isthmus humanity needs to begin the great migration we will also have to undertake in order to save this planet. And it will do this even as it makes living meaningfully, with both material needs, as well as needs beyond the material, being met for all who participate in their community's life, a fact of life. Because we will find a way to redefine work as an organic aspect of just partnering with our neighbors to keep things going all around.

We can do it. We must do it. We just can't do it in any way that harkens back to "Business As Usual."

Democrats try to balance governing agenda with resistance fervor

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[Post Note: I wonder, as the Dems used to support labor, if they would ever consider supporting a labor strike en mass, as I have been proposing for some time now. Support it because, just supposing, that were the only way we could get the Billionaire's to fork over, and for not only a living wage, but also the right to be treated with the respect a citizen, trying to work hard by the rules, ought to expect. Getting paid poorly is bad enough, but to also be treated as if you didn't really matter, because there's always someone out there, more desperate than you, who will put up with it, because they have to. I wonder... No, actually I don't wonder all that much. I think we all know what they would do. What I do wonder about, though, is what they think their base is to become, if not from hourly folks, and low leveled salaried? Is it just going to be High Tech, Aerospace, Entertainment, and Liberal Academia? J.V.]

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