Monday, April 30, 2018

Like I Have Been Saying For Quite Some Time Now

Though I do want to make it clear that I believe this has nothing to do with trying to achieve "Utopia."

For my part all I want to do is try and find a way for humans to seek a better path of balance. And by that here I mean primarily the balance between the needs, as well as the responsibilities, of both the individual, and the many. And for that you need a special kind of philosophical view, to go along with the analysis of Capitalism, that clearly shows, precisely because of vast changes in instrumentality, why it is in fact obsolete. Which also, therefore, demands a redefinition of work; whereby we become our own government, in the form of cooperating city states, in a redefined Federation.

That, to me, is how you balance the practical, with the heartfelt, and empathetic. The one thing that I can guarantee you is that it will most definitely not  be a Utopia. It will not give us what anyone might want any more, at any given time. It will give us what we need, and it will allow for enough extra to make it be worthwhile. And most most importantly of all, life might actually have a chance to continue here.

The real point, however, is that you need to think very carefully about all of this. And you need to inform yourself as much as you can. The choices you make in the next year or two will decide whether we survive or not. Believe it.

Utopia now

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