Saturday, April 21, 2018

No Singular Economic Entity Should Have This Much Power

And that is only a consideration to start with.

The real question to be asked here is why it is so hard for us to understand that the lure of cheap prices won't ever make up for all of the disruptive effects this sort of supermassive change in how we conduct commerce has already affected, and will continue to affect. Because you should make no mistake. This is about more than just saving you money as a purchaser. It is about having free reign in completely reengineering social order. And not at all for your benefit, but for the sole benefit of better profit. Which is precisely why they don't care what their version work becomes for any of their workers; even if it means trying to turn humans into machines, and then actually resorting to machines when the humans simply can't take any more of it.

And then there is the fact that, for all of this largess they get in doing most of what they want, when they want to, they also then expect to not be very responsible at all for paying back to the community for the privilege of having been given this development opportunity. No, they don't want to pay the kinds of support taxes that would make the communities they operate in thrive, they want to pit the communities against each other so as to gouge out of them every break from ever paying taxes that they can possibly get.

So society is left with communities torn apart from traditional employment having been "disrupted" out of business, all the while fewer and fewer people will be employed (with a living wage) in making this profit monster get even bigger still. But gosh oh golly. Won't it be just swell to see low prices as you sit, unemployed, homeless and hungry on the street! I guess you will be able to say that your begging dollar will go farther.

This Is the Most Important Number in Business

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