Monday, April 2, 2018

Get Ready For More Efforts By Big Money To Bombard You With Propaganda

And by propaganda, of course, I mean scripted dogma written by the corporate head office, and sent down the pipe for simple distribution. Reporting be damned. This is simply the company line being read by the company grist machine.

See this for what it is. A power play by one elite conservative group, or another, to BS you into at least more confusion, if not outright convince you that up is down, and down is up; which would certainly explain why an administration known only for its demented clown car qualities, and penchant for creating more chaos than an asylum run by the inmates, would be lavishing them with such praise.

Don't take this sitting down either, though. Understand that you will need to take peaceful action against the monied few or your rights will be chipped away from under you. And the prospects for saving this planet will be all the more diminished as well.

TV anchors decrying 'fake' news put spotlight on Sinclair Broadcast Group

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[Post Note: The bias implied here is obvious. And after our de facto ex president, along with a corrupt Republican majority, gave them the tax break these fat cats wanted (that they didn't really need), why wouldn't they support him, idiot, or demented clown car driver though he may well be. Presidents come and go as far as these people are concerned, and there have certainly been corrupt incompetents before as well, but to no where near this severity. This truly is unprecedented as this demented clown works to tear apart not only our only barely working economy, our standing abroad, and our own sense of unity; a unity of respectful disagreement that would allow us to do negotiating so that there can be compromises. Compromise, though, is most definitely not what these people want at all. They want it their way, all the way because once you get a taste of being in control, it's a hard drug to give up. J.V.]

Sinclair Responds To Script Controversy | Morning Joe

[Post Note: The propagandists supporting the president are also of the same mindset as these fringe sites have in spreading hate for hate's sake, and of course the confusion it can sow in the rest of us if we listen to this crap. Don't do it. Don't pay any more attention to it than is required to see it for the mean spirited bullying it is. Because the bottom line here is to control you anyway they can. J.V.]

As mainstream pundits apologize, fringe sites cash in on attacking Parkland teens

[Post Note: Here you can see exactly the kind of demented clown car this administration really is. The kind of administration this kind of propaganda seems keen to support. J.V.]

Trump's telephone diplomacy sends the wrong message to Putin

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