Friday, April 27, 2018

Could It Be Because Nobody Is Actually Winning But A Very Select Few?

Of course, however true that may be, it still doesn't change the fact that we have to own up to our own responsibility for how this came to pass, not to mention what ought to be done about it.

In all truth, we let this happen. And it will only change if we take full responsibility for making that change come about. Which means organizing working people (saliaried, as well as hourly), on a scale never done before. But this has to be done for the same reason all teachers in state after state now are banding together; the same reason highschool students across the nation banded together: Because they finally saw their common ground in what is threatening them.

For us, in this context though, my personal belief is that this will require some form of "Grand Compromise" between the Right and the Left. I have proposed such a compromise. Perhaps there are those of you out there who could come up with a better one. Whatever the case may be, a grand compromise of some form is required or there will likely be very little hope things will ever change at all; until, certainly, nature plays a trump card that will make the current Trump chaos look tame by comparison.

This is the choice we face as a nation, and as a species. As always, time will tell.


More eligible voters abstained from voting than voted for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Here's what the electoral map would look like if "nobody" were considered a candidate.

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[Post Note: The article posted immediately below shows us two things. First of course being the fact that the commoditization of housing puts how we go about making important growth decisions into much more controntaionally difficult complications; showing us another kind of damaging competition (as opposed to the larger, more dangerous competitions we have globally because of commercial competitions -- primarily in markets, and major resources). Secondly, though, it illustrates further what imbalance does, in how we value things in the first place. And that is so because we let such decisions fall to the cold logic of markets; markets themselves made all the more chaotic precisely because nobody is actually in control of any of them any more; and that because we have to turn more and more process over to the algorithms, and the machines that run them; and gods help us but now we even have to let the machines teach themselves because we can't do it fast enough any more.

Make no mistake, though. Negotiating a way through this to a common understanding will not be easy. Both the Left, and the Right are going to have to make sacrifices. The real point, though, is that just need to understand the absolute need to start working on those negotiations in the first place. J.V.]


In Seattle's red-hot housing market, a group of millennial techies is using data skills to alter the look, and affordability, of their adopted city.

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