Thursday, April 5, 2018

When Too Much Power Can Hurt You Just By Being Indifferent To A Mistake

A mistake that the "too much" power in question has done, and continues to do, because it has become too institutionally above what it thinks it presides over; above and beyond because it is doing what it does with such new precision, and dominance. How could it possibly need to question itself. And now, of course, it's becoming too big for even it to try to question itself internally.

That it also functions on the wrong economic dynamic now is also a real problem; the commercial dynamic that sees no benefit in truly allowing for the free flow of information, any more than it still sees Democracy as such a good idea any more. It tolerates it for the moment because it was an early beneficiary of it, but that is certainly starting to change.

The bigger question for me, however, is how the people who make up this, once very people oriented organization, can see how staying on an obviously outdated operating system makes any sense at all. Any sense at all for the vast majority of the people who have to live in it anyway.

And of all of the folks who ignore what I post theirs is the most damning in its absence of comment. Of all of the titans of tech, theirs is the most obvious in not being able to either defend Capitalism, or come up with a better alternative for it than I have. If one were available you would certainly think the creative capital available to this company, as a whole, could come up with it. But they do not. They say nothing because they are supposedly above the lowly commentary of mere mortals. And they seem to answer to them only when pointedly made to pay attention.

Europe made them pay attention and the Europeans are getting better service because of it. Now the planet is going to make them pay attention as well. Maybe the people who make up Alphabet now will come to see that they must pay attention to that as well. The planet, I think, is not going to take to being ignored for very much longer. One can only hope.

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