Thursday, April 26, 2018

The New Imbalance Of State Run Capitalism?

Will we recognize that they likely learned a good portion of this type of financial control from us?

Will we recognize that one group of privileged few, or another, in our own country might come to envy this kind of control?

Would we do better by leading from example, in encouraging change away from toxic Capitalism gone mad, or by simply berating the Chinese endlessly on their anti Democratic authoritarianism; even as so many in our own nation work to achieve much the same thing, even if it is under a different guise?

Let us also not forget that it is this same toxic, and outdated, operating system, that makes several of our dangerous competitions even worse; think of ever worsening market confrontations going on now, as well as the commercialized drive for ever more resources. Which then both feed into the ever increasing, dangerous, military competitions.

Are we ever going to learn from this blatantly obvious, self defeating behavior?

One can only hope.

How Do You Control 1.4 Billion People?

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[Post Note: These three little tidbits of occurence are also marks of similar kinds of economic control gone way out of balance. J.V.]

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