Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Something Else The Nation Is Not Prepared For

And don't think we can get along without West Coast ports, and high tech, any more than we could get along without East Coast ports, and everything else the East Coast does economically. Lose a big portion of either side, and then have, say, a major storm event take out something important on the Gulf Coast, and you would see America brought to its knees economically. Big money would take flight, find protections elsewhere, and then wait out the "painful corrections" that they like to call things when it really hits the fan for the rest of us.

And then the extreme weather will only get worse because not nearly enough is being done to not only stop putting carbon into the atmosphere (as CO2), but also because we're doing virtually nothing to either take CO2 out of the air, and/or begin to take measures to protect the ice at the poles. I guess, by the time things really start getting bad, the population problem will begin to burn itself out, so to speak.

So much to look forward to as so many of you continue to stick your heads into anything but what you really should be paying attention to. I can guarantee that you'll be paying close attention fairly soon though.

East Bay fault is 'tectonic time bomb,' more dangerous than San Andreas, new study finds