Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Who Are You Going To Call, When It Comes To Law Breakers?

The "Oath Keepers," or the "Integrity Busters?"

And understand here, it is the "Integrity Busters" that use bag men, and fixers, and get rich at any cost, self promoters. The very people the current, demented clown car of an administration, uses at all levels of its operation; more and more in fact in direct opposition to the institutions the constitution says ought to be doing these important areas of operation, for our Nation. In opposition, mind you, to the "Oath Keepers." The very ones who have kept their integrity quite intact.

Lawrence: You Know President Donald Trump Wants To Attack Her | The Last Word

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[Post Note: Seems like a lot of people now are choosing those who keep their integrity intact, as opposed to those who do not. J.V.]

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